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About us

Bugsy is a startup that specializes in making meat-replacement products based on insects. Bugsy is convinced that there should be a sustainable and nutritious alternative to meat. After all, the meat industry has a significant impact on our environment and climate. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of their eating habits. Therefore, there is a lot of demand for an alternative to meat. By processing insects into products, we want to offer a sustainable and nutritious alternative to a normal piece of meat. The first product that we want to bring to market is a mealworm burger. This product will be similar to a regular hamburger, but based on mealworms.


Why insect 

Insects are a perfect fit for our passion for innovation and sustainability. We believe that the current range of insects on the market is still too limited, and we want to change that. As the world will have to become more sustainable, insects are the future.


The name

The name Bugsy is based on the artist Banksy. The reason for this is that Banksy stands for change and breaking the norm. We draw a lot of inspiration from this at Bugsy, and we want to break the norm with our burgers.


Ons Doel

Het westerse dieet voorzien van duurzamer voedsel door insecten te introduceren.

Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat we ons doel kunnen halen door

een breed assortiment aan duurzame insectenburgers te

ontwikkelen en aan te bieden.

Mission and Vision

Bugsy's vision is to introduce insects into the Western diet and thereby make our food more sustainable.


Our mission is that in five years, the vast majority of the Dutch population will no longer be surprised by the consumption of products containing insects.


Bugsy wants to achieve this with multiple fun and tasty products. With this, Bugsy hopes to break the somewhat fearful stigma surrounding the consumption of insects and give people insight into all the positive aspects of consuming insects.


So that we can all eat healthier and help improve our planet at the end of the day.


Meet the team 

Bugsy is a startup set up and run by students. We at Bugsy see the great benefits that combining insects with our daily food will bring.

 That is why we do our best to convince as many people as possible to take the step towards consuming insects.

 We understand that this will be strange or scary for many people to make the step to Entovegan food. That is why Bugsy ensures that it happens in a fun and tasty way.

Tim Arts

Tim Arts


Ruben Albers

Ruben Albers


Joep Kooistra

Joep Kooistra





Eindhoven, nederlands

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