Looking for a sustainable and healthy alternative to meat? Have you already tried an Entovegan meat substitute?

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What is Entovegan?

It is a meat substitute made from insects and other plant-based foods.

Why insects?

Insects are super healthy. They contain a lot of protein, and are also rich in vitamin B12 and iron.


During the cultivation of insects, 180 times less CO2 is emitted than with traditional meat.

The benefits of insects 


Did you know that 100 grams of mealworms contain more than 52 grams of protein? They are real protein bombs! They also contain many necessary vitamins and minerals.

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The production of edible insects has hardly any impact on the greenhouse effect compared to the production of beef. The CO2 emissions are therefore 180 times lower. Insects are also fed with residual streams from the horticulture sector.

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Insects are very efficient with their food. They convert the amount of food they eat almost 1 to 1 into body weight. 10kg of feed produces 9kg of insects. Compared to beef, where 13kg of feed produces 1kg of meat, this is very efficient.

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Low land use

Did you know that insect farming takes up to 12 times less land than beef production? Good for the limited space in our small country!

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Something different to try in the kitchen?

For many, eating insects may sound strange, but it offers a lot of benefits, both in terms of health and sustainability.

That’s why we at Bugsy have developed our products to look like your favorite contemporary dishes. Try one of our burgers, pastas, or noodles, for example.

Because the products are processed with insects, you don’t need to add meat or another meat substitute. All the nutrients and vitamins you need on a daily basis are included.


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